Homework: A Guide for Learners

We have created a new guide to homework and self-study and hope this will be helpful to both students and parents/guardians.

Homework (including self study) is a critical part of your education while at college and an established method of improving your knowledge, skills and understanding. Learners who complete given homework and extra independent study are statistically more likely to achieve at a higher level and beyond expectation. 

Below is a ten step guide to homework that will allow you to achieve your best while at Farnborough: 

  1. Establish a homework routine and plan out when you will do it each day. You can do this by using the calendar app on your phone, or by setting an alarm to remind you.   
  1. Find a comfortable and quiet place where you can focus and stay organised. You can use self study places around the college (ETC, The Castle, UCF etc) if this is difficult to do at home. 
  1. Make sure you understand the homework set by your teacher.  If you don’t, ask your teacher for clarification or further guidance.  
  1. Break down the tasks into smaller, manageable chunks and take breaks in between. This will help you stay focused. (You can also time yourself to help avoid distractions). 
  1. Make a list of what you need to do.  Decide how much time it will take to complete and allocate the appropriate amount of time for the activity.  Keep yourself motivated by tracking your progress. 
  1. Go to homework drop-in sessions when directed by a teacher or for independent support (speak to your tutor for further guidance). 
  1. Practise English and Maths regularly to improve numeracy and literacy skills including the use of BKSB
  1. Prioritise your time to ensure that all your work is your own and that you meet homework deadlines. 
  1. Maximise your progress by monitoring your achievement on ProPortal and reviewing your targets set with tutors. 
  1. Homework is one important step toward the successful completion of your course. Celebrate your achievements and reward yourself for completing your work. 

You should expect to study for additional hours each week to successfully complete your programme of study. The following is a guide to the number of extra hours required beyond your taught lessons:  

Level 3 learners: 9-12 hours per week (in addition to your timetabled classes) 

Level 1 & 2 learners: 6-8 hours per week (in addition to your timetabled classes) 

Entry Level Learners: 1-4 hours per week (please see your tutor for guidance) 

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