How to use level crossings safely following a local near miss!

We want to remind our learners of the risks of level crossings, and would like to bring to your attention this startling story from last year at Farnborough North Station resulting in a ‘near miss’!

Read the full story here on the BBC News page.

The crossing in Farnborough has been considered “a high-risk location because of the limited sighting of trains, the number of daily users and a history of safety incidents”.

As pedestrians we need to:

  • Concentrate – it’s easy to get distracted, especially by phones, music and conversation.
  • Stop, look and listen. Follow signs and instructions.
  • Check both ways before crossing – if there is a train coming, don’t cross.
  • Understand the warnings (lights, barriers, alarms). Download level crossings for pedestrians (pdf) or view the guide below.
  • Cross quickly, keeping children close and dogs on a lead.

Read more here about what you need to understand the potential dangers and understanding the safety systems used at level crossings.

STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN! It could save your life!

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