Updated Lanyard and ID Rules from Monday 8th November 2021

As part of our commitment to the safeguarding of all our students and staff, we are introducing updated measures to ensure all students are wearing their ID cards from this Monday.

From Monday 8th November, any students arriving at either the Farnborough or Aldershot campus without the correct lanyard and ID will either have to:

  • Pay a £5 deposit to sign-in with a temporary lanyard and ID card
  • Pay £5 to replace their lanyard and ID card
  • Return home to collect their lanyard and ID card before arriving onsite

If a student arrives without a lanyard and ID they will need to attend the main Reception to organise one of the steps above before going to their classes.

We hope that our students will join us in remembering their lanyard and ID card so that they do not need to make a wasted journey to college or have to unnecessarily pay for one.

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep our college community secure for all.

Kind Regards,

Learner Services
Farnborough College of Technology

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