It’s normal to have lots of questions about what college is really like. We believe the best way to learn about college, settle any nerves, and feel prepared for life after school is to visit us at one our open events.

You can talk to current students, lecturers and our Student Services team about any questions you have, before discovering college life for yourself.

How will I plan my college work?

At the start of term you’ll receive a Student Organiser which includes a diary as well as an Individual learning Plan (ILP). These will help you to plan your time and manage your assignments.

What will the classes be like?

You’ll have a variety of teaching and learning experiences. These can include workshops and skills sessions, lectures, seminars, discussions, student presentations and independent research.

What if I need help with my work?

We advice you talk to your tutor first. They may be able to provide all the help that is needed, but if not our Skills Development Centre is designed to support you with skills like writing assignments or organising your time.

How much homework will I be set?

This depends on your programme, but you’ll generally be set a piece of assessed work every three weeks.

Will I have enough free time for a part-time job?

Yes, it’s possible to work outside of college time, although you shouldn’t work more than 12 hours per week, as this can badly affect your success at college.

Can I get financial help while at college?

Some students are eligible for free meals and help with other costs, from bus passes to buying a uniform. To find out more about how we can help with the costs of studying here.

What does the college do to prepare students for their course?

In the summer before your programme starts, you’ll be invited to attend Summer College. This helps you to make new friends, get to know the college and meet tutors and prepare for your programme.

Do parents/guardians receive reports?

Targets for your achievement are fed back to parents/guardians and students in a minimum of two reports a year, as well as at parents’ evenings. We’ll also invite parents/guardians in to college in September to explain how they can contribute to your success, the requirements of the programme and how to get in contact with the college if needed.