Farnborough College of Technology
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Business Services Team

Our vision is to provide the skills and training solutions needed by local employers to help them meet their business objectives. By understanding the employer market a clear strategy of effective aims and objectives has been developed and reviewed to maintain our commitment to delivery high quality training.

We want to:

  • Increase the volume of training delivered for employers
  • Grow apprenticeship numbers
  • Promote a matched funding concept for employers
  • Introduce a Business Plus account management service for key accounts
  • Expand the College training offer for employers
  • Develop a programme of short courses to meet specific industry needs
  • Increase the scope of tailored provision
  • Grow vocational areas in apprenticeships in local priority areas
  • Improve management of employer relationship
  • Provide a clear statement of service employers can expect from the College
  • Use CRM system to support key staff in managing employer relationships
  • Introduce the Business Plus account management service for key accounts
  • Raise the profile for the Colleges training offer for employers
  • Introduce new Business Services brand for all employer training
  • Develop website to promote right now services for employers
  • Implement use of branded e-marketing via CRM system
  • Ensure that we provide high quality training for employers
  • Increase employer satisfaction of College services
  • Increase success of employees undertaking courses
  • Provide training that delivers positive benefits for an employer’s business

Contact Us

Call our Business Services Team on 01252 407299 or email us at business@farn-ct.ac.uk.