UCF Student Charter

At University Centre Farnborough (UCF), we are committed to higher education as a mutually-supportive partnership between staff and students. Staff in Faculties and professional support departments, work together to ensure a high quality learning experience, within a supportive and safe environment. We place a strong emphasis on mutual respect between staff and students, so that the UCF campus provides a positive and friendly learning environment.

The HE Student Charter was developed in collaboration with the HE student body, with input from both students and staff. It describes the mutual expectations of us all as members of the UCF community. It aims to:

  • Demonstrate UCF’s commitment to providing a high quality environment in which learning and personal development can take place
  • Set out the general principles of partnership between staff and students
  • Outline student responsibilities and entitlements


What we expect from each other:

  • A commitment to equality and diversity
  • A commitment to the values of the College and to British Values; which include democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
  • Effective and open communication
  • Respect for diversity and treating each other with dignity
  • A healthy and safe environment for all
  • Fair and constructive feedback
  • Professional behaviour and integrity
  • Mutual support
  • Active participation in learning opportunities
  • Promotion of tolerance and mutual understanding

What students can expect from UCF:

  • An academic and support framework to enable you to achieve the learning outcomes of your programme
  • A high standard of teaching and learning, delivered by lecturers who are prepared, professional in their approach, and are committed to giving effective and timely feedback on your progress to promote learning
  • A commitment to following the regulations and procedures set out by the UCF
  • Access to activities and learning resources that will enhance your studies, your personal development, your employability and your career aspirations
  • Clear mechanisms for academic advice and guidance, including a Personal Tutor for each student and a range of support services
  • Ensuring that you are safe at College and that you are able to discuss with staff any concerns about your safety, including any concerns about radicalisation and terrorism.
  • Regular opportunities for students to be informed of matters relevant to their studies, and to have their opinions represented through student feedback, student representatives and the HE Student Governor

What UCF can expect from students.

That you:

  • Take full responsibility for managing your own independent learning as well as personal and professional development, including engaging fully with the e-PDP and tutorial programmes
  • Make the most of your programme of study through active attendance and participation in sessions specified for your programme of study, and through the submission of all work for assessment by the stated deadlines
  • Give constructive feedback on your Higher Education experience at all levels
  • Comply with all relevant UCF policies, procedures and regulations, as set out in the Handbook for Higher Education and your Programme Handbook
  • Pursue your academic studies in an honest diligent and professional manner
  • Discuss with staff any concerns you may have about your own safety of the safety of others.
  • Are proud of UCF, actively participate in student life, act responsibly when representing UCF and treat fellow students, staff, visitors and the environment with respect.
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