We want to ensure that LGBTQ+ students and staff are welcomed and supported in all aspects of their time at the College.

Useful information for transgender learners

If you are transitioning, or have already transitioned, we want to make sure all staff and your fellow classmates respect your name and pronoun.

Here’s how we can work together with you to make this happen:

  • Let your tutor know your pronoun and the name you wish to use. They can arrange for our college systems to be updated to show this. Sometimes the name and gender you were assigned at birth will appear on records where this is needed for legal reasons, but we won’t use this unnecessarily and will update it wherever we can.
  • Make use of our free pronoun badges. We encourage all learners to wear one so that everyone can see your pronoun and start using it from the moment they meet you! You can collect a pronoun badge for free at the Learner Services Reception in E Block (The Castle).
  • Talk to us about your experiences. As a college, we have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and will take any reports of this very seriously. You can talk to your tutor about anything you wish to report or complete a SHARP form anonymously at our Student Help and Advice (SHARP) Reporting Page. We also invite all learners who belong to the LGBTQ+ to feedback their experiences to our Pride Group. Email support@farn-ct.ac.uk if you would like to become a part of this. We really value the work our learners do in helping the College to become more inclusive.
  • We have created gender-neutral toilets for all learners to use. These can be found in the ARIC building, in the Wesminster building on both floors, and we are introducing new gender-neutral toilets as part of refurbishment works.

Useful resources

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