Accredited Prior Learning for Degrees and Higher Education

You may have prior learning which could make it possible for you to join a degree in the final year, rather than in the first year. Often your experience through industry, or achievement of other qualifications, can count towards your degree – making it possible to graduate after just one year.

You will need to make sure you list or explain any qualifications or experience that you think should count towards a degree while making your application to us.

We will then consider the academic level of study it is equivalent to, and we may request further information to support your application.

Accredited Prior Learning (APL)

APL is the name for how we assess, and acknowledge, what you have previously learnt. This could either be through experiential learning or certificated learning. This acknowledgement gives the learning or experiences a value, which can be counted either towards your entry qualifications for a programme where you don’t meet the formal requirements, or towards the completion of a degree.

The APL process aims to prevent you from unnecessarily going over topics that you have already learnt.

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)

APEL is learning which has happened through experiences outside of formal education. This normally takes place in a working environment. It is different from formal learning as it is usually unstructured and can be more personal to the individual and the workplace.

As an APEL applicant you will have developed various skills, strengths, and knowledge at an equivalent level to that of the degree programme you are applying to. This is typically shown through a portfolio of work.

What should I do if I think I could use Prior Learning towards my degree?

You should contact our admissions department on 01252 407028, or email admissions@farn-ct.ac.uk. Alternatively, you can apply to the degree you are interested in, stating your prior learning within the application.

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