Course Types Explained

You can read about which subject areas suit your career plans in detail using the sites below, but we also recommend visiting an Open Event here at University Centre Farnborough and other providers to speak to lecturers about which course is right for you. It is also worthwhile speaking to a Careers Adviser if you have access to one, or contacting universities and colleges to check which courses might be suitable for your needs.

National Careers Service

Our Courses

We offer a variety of study options to suit your goals, background and work commitments; providing flexibility and plenty of options for the future.

3 Years Bachelor’s Honours Degrees

  • Typically take three years to complete
  • Provide a pathway to postgraduate study, including Master’s degrees
  • Graduates can pursue relevant graduate training schemes
  • Students graduate with either a BA (Hons), BSc (Hons) or BEng (Hons) in arts, science or engineering respectively

2 Years Bachelor’s Fast-track Joint Honours Degrees

  • Take two years to complete
  • Available in Humanities and Social Sciences Degrees
  • Three years of work condensed into two
  • Require an ability to commit to an intense programme of study
  • Lower overall fees for full degree
  • Students graduate with either a BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) in arts or science respectively

2 Years Foundation Degrees

  • Take two years to complete
  • Equivalent to first two years of a Bachelor’s Honours Degree
  • Focus on vocational areas of a subject
  • More accessible entry requirements
  • Provides a pathway to study a third year to ‘top-up’ to a full Bachelor’s Honours Degree

1 Year Top-up Degrees

  • Take one year to complete
  • Convert an HND or Foundation Degree to a full Bachelor’s Honours Degree

1-2 Years HNC and HND

  • Take between one and two years to complete
  • Teach skills for a specific career
  • Equivalent to the first and second year of a Bachelor’s Honours Degree
  • Provide a pathway to study a third year to ‘top-up’ to a full Bachelor’s Honours Degree

Typical Entry Requirements

Higher Education is an option for all. Our typical entry requirements are measured in terms of the UCAS Tariff, which is based on grades from post-16 qualifications, but we welcome students from all backgrounds to apply as we value the work and life experiences students bring to our courses.

Examples of students’ backgrounds could include:

  • A Levels
  • Access to Higher Education Diploma
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Level 3 BTEC/OCR Diploma
  • Professional or specialist qualifications
  • Relevant work experience as a mature applicant