Help with Choosing a Course

Higher Education and Degree courses can open doors to new careers, larger earnings and greater job satisfaction; so choosing the right course will be an important decision for you.

You will need to know what steps you should take to reach both your career and personal goals. Fortunately, you can find out what these steps are in a few simple ways:

  • Speak to our Information Team for impartial advice and guidance by email via or by calling 01252 407040
  • Use the National Careers Service to research job profiles and their entry requirements, as well as for impartial advice and career planning
  • Visit the UCAS website and you will find a wide range of information about choosing a university, a course, and what the alternatives are
  • Discover undergraduate career opportunities using, which also provides detailed profiles on employers, job sectors and postgraduate study options.

We also recommend researching specific job roles to find out what skills or qualifications you may need. This could include:

  • Work experience
  • Postgraduate qualifications
  • Membership of a professional body