Online Blended Learning

What is online blended learning?

Online Blended Learning is designed for those students who want to achieve a valuable qualification, with the flexibility that comes from studying in the comfort of their own home and attending some teaching sessions online. We are pioneering this revolutionary approach to online learning, which gives you all the benefits of real teaching, through your own smartphone, PC or tablet.

Other types of online learning involve students often having to work through pages of text and exercises, with little contact from other students and lecturers. The Online Blended model allows you to take part in real teaching sessions, join in live discussions with fellow students and talk directly to lecturers.

With our courses you will normally attend at least 50% of teaching sessions on campus, so you can begin your journey to a new qualification while making the most of both worlds: online learning and face-to-face lectures.

In order to study with Online Blended Learning, all you will need is access to the internet and a device that can stream videos. Most modern smartphones, tablets and PCs are capable of this.

How do I apply?

Simply visit the course pages via the links below, check it is the right course for you, and apply for the link on the page. During the application you can let us know that you would like to study using using the blended learning model. We will then send you a welcome pack and more information around joining us.

Courses Available with Online Blended Learning:

How Online Blended Learning can help you:

  • More flexibility to study that fits with your existing personal commitments, from child care to employment
  • Opportunity to save money on travel costs thanks to fewer journeys into lectures
  • Access to lecturers and student services in the same as all other students, meaning you get all the support you need to succeed
  • Option to attend lectures in person as often as you want

Course materials on the College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Course Materials such as presentations, useful references and recorded lectures can be accessed via our Learning Network, which holds all the information and study materials you need to successfully complete the course.

Online classrooms

Students meet in an online classroom – similar to Skype – by logging in at a particular time and seeing and speaking to each other in a group facilitated by the tutor. 

These sessions include presentations, group discussions and activities and are recorded and shared with the group via the College’s VLE.

You will be expected to normally attend 50% of your lectures in person with the option to attend the other half by viewing the recordings either live or within a week of the session taking place.

Communicating with your tutor

Some tutors use online discussions or forums via the VLE to facilitate discussion on a study topic, assignment, or learning resource.  Students can read the messages and reply at a convenient time.

All students are issued with a student email address. And use it to communicate with their tutor by asking questions and getting advice.

The College intranet provides access to your course handbooks as well as induction resources specifically for online attendees.


There are two types of assessment: Coursework and Examinations.

  • Coursework is defined as essays, seminar performance, individual and group projects, presentations, practicals, labs, in-class tests etc.
  • Examinations (e.g. traditional written or computer based) take place during exam weeks towards the end of each semester on campus.

Early in the module, you will be provided with full details of the nature and the timing of the assessments so you will have time to plan your work over the semester.  You will also receive information about how marks will be allocated between different assignments and for different aspects of an assignment.

Learning resources

  • Student services: Find out more via our webpages.
  • Library: The College Library is in our bright, modern UCF building. It provides a range of books, journals and DVDs and access to eBooks, eJournals and subscription databases on and off-campus to support your studies, a quiet Academic Study Area, bookable PCs, laptops and WiFi. Library staff are always on hand to assist you and we also offer specialist workshops and one-to-one help with research and referencing.
  • Inter Library loan requests: Inter Library loan requests can be used to request books and journal articles we do not have in the Library.
  • Using Other Libraries: Students studying for a degree validated by the University of Surrey may visit the university library for reference purposes, to borrow books and to access some of the electronic databases in the Library – University of Surrey Library. You can access many services at your local public libraries including Access to Research (A database of academic articles), quiet study spaces and access to computers.
  • Student Representation: Every Programme at each level has a Student Representative to support and coordinate input from students. Student Representatives attend relevant College meetings to represent their peers, feedback information to peers and share issues with fellow reps to ensure that students are able to review and discuss the policies / decisions that will affect current and subsequent cohorts.
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