Body Treatments

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  • Full Body Spray Tan – £16
  • Full Body Manual Tan – £12
  • Partial Tan – From £6
  • Advanced Body Treatment – £9
    Using electro therapy equipment to provide a specific treatment following consultation and
    assessment. Can assist weight loss, muscle toning and skin rejuvenation when combined with
    exercise and dietary advice.
  • Back Massage – £12
    To relax and relieve tension of the back and shoulder.
  • Indian Head Massage – £10
    A traditional massage technique focusing to relieve tension to the upper back, arms, face, neck and scalp. A patch test is required 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Stone Massage – £18
    Massage for the whole body using a combination of hot and cold stones according to your individual needs can include face, which aids relaxation and rebalances the body and mind.
  • Swedish Body Massage – £15
    Massage to the whole body, can include face, using a range of movements to aid relaxation or to uplift and energise.
  • Massage using Pre-blended Oils– £18
    Massage to whole body (can include face) using a specially selected, pre-blended, aromatherapy oil according to individual needs. Patch test is required 48 hours before appointment.