A Levels: Humanities Pathway

A Levels: Humanities Pathway

Course Code: ALP6 Duration: 2 Years Attendance: Full Time Location: Farnborough Campus Start Date: 04/09/2023    


About the course

Study English and History alongside your choice of a third subject.

A Levels are a great choice for those who thrive in a classroom setting and want to study more than one subject.

Classes at Farnborough are close-knit and often smaller than those at larger sixth forms, so you can look forward to plenty of opportunities for feedback and support.

Our team of friendly, qualified lecturers will provide resources and guidance to help you feel prepared for your next steps after college, whether that’s university, an apprenticeship, or employment.

By looking at popular combinations of A Levels, we have grouped our subjects together to offer you a distinct set of choices that form a pathway to particular university courses and careers. Your pathway consists of three A Level subjects, with an additional subject available for each pathway.

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Your course

This A Level pathway includes two core subjects and your choice of a third subject:​


The way we use language can shape the difference between a gripping dramatic novel, an entertaining play and a powerful news article. At Farnborough, you can look forward to learning in close-knit classes with opportunities to discuss and debate literature. You will explore a range of novels, plays and poetry, as well as sharpening your skills in written and spoken word.


Historical events have shaped society worldwide into what it is today. Within the study of history, you will explore how events that happened many years ago continue to influence school curriculums, laws and policies, and cultural celebrations. You will discover that knowing how people lived in the past helps us to understand why people act as they do today

Plus your choice of either:

Choice 1: Geography

If you are fascinated by the world around you, geography explores the range of factors that influence our surrounding environment and way of life. At Farnborough, previous course activities have included analysing soil samples from Malta in our science lab and taking a trip to the British coast to study flood defences and regeneration.

Choice 2: Law

Law determines what is right and wrong in our society. Within the study of law, you will explore the English Legal System, discovering how criminals are dealt with and the ways that laws influence our parliamentary system. You will have opportunities to discuss and debate current legislation and the advantages or disadvantages these can bring.

Choice 3: Sociology

Sociology seeks to understand how groups of people interact with each other within society and why this differs between societies. This fascinating subject explores the influences that culture, class, power, crime, inequality, gender, ethnicity and more, all have on societal behaviour. The study of sociology can lead to a wide range of progression options.

Choice 4: Business

Through this course you will explore the business behaviours that can bring success or failure to a company, whether it is a small scale charity or global corporation. You will discover exactly what business is and does, gaining the insight and skills needed to succeed in a range of industries and entrepreneurship 

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Your future

What Next?

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Entry Requirements

What previous qualifications and experience will I need?

From School:

  • Five GCSEs at grades 9-4 (including English and maths).

From College:

  • Relevant level 2 qualification at merit grade or higher (including English and maths GCSEs at grades 9-4)
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