Information and Activities for Schools and Colleges

The Schools Liaison team at Farnborough College of Technology work with schools to help young people make informed decisions about their future. We are here to give you the best possible opportunity to progress to another course, higher education and eventually employment.

Our Schools Liaison Officer is Keri Mcsweeney, who can be contacted via email at k.mcsweeney@farn-ct.ac.uk. Please contact us if you would like to request an event with Farnborough College of Technology, Aldershot College, or University Centre Farnborough to support your information, advice and guidance services.

Where you will see us

  • In your schools giving information and guidance on course options at parents evenings and progression events.
  • In your classrooms and assemblies giving talks and seminars on special courses and career paths.
  • At open evenings here at the college or in your schools helping you find your way if you visit us or answering any questions you have if we visit you.

What can we offer?

We offer a variety of activities, presentations and workshops to enable students to discover the range of opportunities available to them when they leave school.


We can provide short or long presentations, suitable for assemblies or classroom sessions, which give an overview of the college facilities and courses available.


Tailored workshops sessions include further information about courses, entry requirements, Apprenticeships, student life at the college or help with applications.

Parents’ Evenings, Options Evenings and Careers Events

We visit as many events as we can throughout the year at our local schools. We find that talking with students and their families is particularly beneficial as we often have more in-depth conversations at these events.

Mock Interviews and
Enterprise Days

If you are holding mock interviews for Year 10 or 11 students, we can often provide a staff member to act as an interviewer or be part of an interview panel. We would also be happy to come to support summer term events such as Enterprise or Industry Days.

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