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Apprenticeships – How to Apply

There are two main ways to become an apprentice. You can either find a job and become an apprentice through your company/employer (usually for those who have already left school), or you can apply for a course online and we’ll help you find an apprenticeship (ideal for school leavers).

For both, you’ll have to fill in an application form. If you’d like to fill in a paper application form, you can request one by calling us on 01252 407299.

Many of our apprenticeship programmes fill quickly, so please make sure you apply as soon as possible.

Applying for an Apprenticeship if you don’t have an employer:

Search through our courses, and then apply online. Once we’ve processed your application we will invite you to an interview and assessment session.

We’ll also give you some advice on how to secure a placement in your chosen apprenticeship area. Remember, if there isn’t an apprenticeship vacancy that suit you right now, you should still apply as new vacancies are being added all the time.

Visit the Apprenticeship Vacancies website where employers advertise their vacancies for apprentices. If you find a vacancy you like, you can apply to it directly.

Applying for an Apprenticeship if you already have an employer:

Apply for a course online via the course pages, or email business@farn-ct.ac.uk – make sure you include details of your job and employer.

We will then invite you to an interview and assessment at the College, before visiting your employer to complete a health and safety and employment check.

Your apprenticeship will not be confirmed until we have carried out employment checks; you have had a formal interview at the College; have successfully completed all assessments; and have met the entry criteria for your apprenticeship.

Remember: To be eligible for an apprenticeship, you need to be in full-time employment.

Top tips for finding an Apprenticeship:

Speak to family and friends. They may have a contact who works in your area of interest and who may consider employing an apprentice.

Visit your local Youth Support Services Advisor (formerly known as Connexions), they can advise you with your job search, help you build your CV and offer interview skills advice.

Look at local newspapers. Local employers advertise their services as well as jobs. Consider approaching them before they advertise positions

Consider work experience, part-time work, temporary jobs and volunteering. These can turn into full-time positions if you’re a good worker and a job becomes available.