Science College Courses for School Leavers

For those with an inquisitive mind, our science-based programmes provide a fascinating look into the study of crime and science.

With us, you can begin to specialise in your area of interest before going to university or starting your career. Whether you picture yourself working at a laboratory, a crime scene or as a researcher, these courses will take your career plans to the next level! 

Related Careers in Science: Biochemist, Chemical Engineer, Chemist, Geneticist, Healthcare Scientist, Microbiologist, Pathologist, Physicist and Research Scientist  

Did you know?

 As a small department, you will get lots of support and make friends quickly 
 You will be taught by lecturers from a range of scientific backgrounds 
 Your assignments are practical and cover all areas of science 
 You will carry out investigations in different settings 
 University-level courses are an option after a level 3 course 

There's still time to apply for September, enrol today!
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