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Emerging Technologies Centre

A New Learning Environment

The College’s latest development is The Emerging Technologies Centre, which is now open for all students. This learning environment has been designed to home new and innovative technology while being a dedicated area for students to study and collaborate with employers.

Students can benefit from…

The Latest Technology

Students will have access to Class VR, Oculus Rift, Drones, Robotics, Holographic and 3D Printing to aid their studies and development.

A Modern and Dynamic Workspace

Fitted with modern classrooms and open plan study spaces, students can loan laptops and book meeting rooms.

Space to Collaborate

The mezzanine hosts a bright, open area for business-oriented work to happen allowing students to engage in work experience with SME and microbusinesses who don’t have a base.

Tour The Emerging Technologies Centre

The facility, developed with support and funding from the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), features modern teaching spaces, virtual reality testing areas, IT suites and more.

The main area can be used either as a teaching space, or changed to a conference arrangement for big events such as graduation ceremonies. All furniture is designed so that it can be moved to suit different needs and styles of learning.

New Technology includes…


Tello EDU is a drone that allows you to easily learn programming languages such as Scratch, Python, and Swift.


The service robot, designed to help workplaces become more efficient.


ClassVR is a complete VR and AR system for the classroom. It provides an engaging, immersive experience for all students.

Oculus Rift

A virtual-reality headset. Complete with touch controllers and two sensors for the ultimate VR experience.

Merge Cube

The Merge Cube is a holographic toy that allows students to physically hold and interact with 3D objects using augmented reality (AR) technology.

Our Communication Centre

Designed for students to collaborate with SMEs and Microbusinesses. Our Communication Centre is a professional workspace with Wi-Fi access, print facilities, a meeting room and spaces for both individual and collaborative working.

We know that some students don’t get to partake in work experience for their first choice companies. This is due to those businesses not being able to offer students an appropriate work experience setting, usually because their business is run from home or while travelling. Our Communication Centre is the solution for students who wish to work for a small business!

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