Gender Pay Gap Reporting: 2017-18

Under the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations, Farnborough College of Technology is required to publish information from its payroll of 396 staff in the year of reporting 2017-18. The proportion of male and female staff were 126 (31.8%) and 270 (68.2%) respectively. Our data is as follows:

The mean gender pay gap 14.4%
The median gender pay gap 10.3%
The mean bonus gender pay gap -76.5%
The median bonus gender pay gap 19%
The proportion of employees receiving a bonus (men) 43.7%
The proportion of employees receiving a bonus (women) 17.4%
The proportion of males and females in each quartile band
Upper quartile Men 44.8% Women 55.2%
Upper middle quartile Men 36.5% Women 63.5%
Lower middle quartile Men 28.1% Women 71.9%
Lower quartile Men 19.8% Women 80.2%

Farnborough College of Technology supports the fair treatment, reward and recognition of all staff irrespective of gender. The College ensures that equality and diversity remains a key tenet in our transformational plans and is confident that women and men are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs.

The College employs significantly more female than male staff. This is due in part to the number of part-time and term time-only support role that we have that attract more female than male staff. These are mostly in the lower and lower-middle quartiles.

The College operates a performance related pay system linked to the achievements of the college as a whole. Where the college is performing well, all staff are rewarded with a percentage increase to their salary.

The College is evolving its annual bonus scheme. For example, in 2018-19, 0,5% was awarded to all employees. Consequently, for our next Gender Pay Gap report, the College anticipates a gender pay gap relative to the proportion of its male and female employees.

Regular analyses and reporting will continue to be undertaken to further understand the extent of the gender pay gap with our processes in how we attract, appoint and pay our staff monitored to ensure staff are treated fairly and given equal opportunities.

The College will continue to ensure that all staff are given equal opportunities and work towards reducing the gender pay gap.

Virginia Barrett


Farnborough College of Technology

March 2019

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