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Refunds and Withdrawals

The successful provision of courses depends upon the fees students pay. Courses can only be started if the income for the course is sufficient to cover all the costs involved.

The College therefore cannot refund course fees except in the following circumstances:

  1. The course is cancelled before it starts or is closed by the College and no suitable alternative is available.
  2. The student suffers a serious illness; refunds may be made on a pro-rata basis on the production of a medical certificate (please note examination and registration fees can only be refunded provided your registration has not been completed with the awarding body).
  3. The student withdraws before the start date of the course, however there will be an administration fee of £30 charged.
  4. For HE loan funded students that withdraw early from an HE Course the student will be entitled to a refund of 75% of the year’s fee if they start but don’t complete the first term*; 50% if they start but don’t complete term 2; no refund is due if they start but don’t complete term 3.

A refund form is available from the Department Administrator or the Information Team and must be completed and returned to the Departmental Admin Office together with the original receipt, certificate of enrolment and supporting medical documentation.

If the student withdraws from their course for any reason other than those stated above, any outstanding installment payments will be collected by the College. In exceptional cases consideration may be given to the student’s individual circumstances.

* for part-time HE students, term 1 will be deemed to have started two weeks after the first day of expected attendance, for full time HE the first day of expected attendance is the start date for this policy.

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