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Labour Market Information

Why is LMI important?

Labour Market Information offers both knowledge and understanding of how the labour market functions and is at the centre of career practice. It’s also crucial for making sense of changing economic circumstances.

How is LMI is used in practice?

LMI is used to inform decisions around careers education, advice and guidance, alongside the need to reflect the changing labour market. it also helps us to navigate an increasingly complex labour market and make sense of the maze of opportunities.

Career Maps

We’ve compiled hundreds of careers that can be reached through T Levels and Apprenticeships to help you plan your educational journey. T Levels are a new qualification being developed as an alternative to A Levels and Apprenticeships.

The titles below lead to a set of jobs whose main tasks and duties are broadly similar and appear across a relevant sector or sectors, rather than being associated with a single employer.

Select each area from the list below to explore our Occupational Maps and see what courses you could be studying to reach them.

Pathways: Job Sectors

The widget below from Pathways can be used to find out more about a career path or job sector. Please note, it takes a moment to load.

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