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Biology is the study of living things including genetics, micro-organisms and the environment.  This is a one-year intensive course that provides a good grounding in biological sciences for progression to AS-level or entry to training for a progression such as nursing/midwifery.


Tuition £487
Exam £38
Fee Remission Yes

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Studies include

What modules are covered?

  • How do human bodies respond to changes inside them and to their environment?
  • What can we do to keep our bodies healthy?
  • How do we use/abuse medical and recreational drugs?
  • What causes infectious diseases and how can our bodies defend themselves against them?
  • What determines where particular species live and how many of them there are?
  • Why are individuals of the same species different from each other?
  • What new methods do we have for producing plants and animals with the characteristics we prefer?
  • Why have some species of plants and animals died out?
  • How do new species of plants and animals develop?
  • How do humans affect the environment?
  • What are animals and plants built from:
  • How do dissolved substances get into and out of cells?
  • How do plants obtain the food they need to live and grow? 
  • What happens to energy and biomass at each stage in a food chain?
  • What happens to the waste material produced by plants and animals?
  • What are enzymes and what are some of their functions?
  • How do our bodies keep internal conditions constant?  Which human characteristics show a simple pattern of inheritance?


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Entry Requirements

What previous qualifications and experience will I need?

You will be required to meet the tutor before commencing this course.

Please note, for those students who are not in receipt of fee remission, the examination entry fee is extra. It applies to all students over the age of 19 and is payable on enrolment. You may also need to buy course text books.

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Start Dates

Stage 6924/201EFA
Mode Part Time
Year Year 1
Duration 30 Weeks
Days TUE
Time 18:30 - 21:00
Start 15/09/2020
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