College Re-connects with Nepali Community at New Event

Farnborough College of Technology has recently thrown open its doors to the local Nepali community for an evening of entertainment and information.

The evening was organised as a way of re-connecting with the Nepali community following two years of lockdowns.

Taking place in our purpose-built music performance venue, the event was organised by two of our Student Ambassadors, Durga Thegim and Mamata Yaka. The event was free of charge to all guests thanks to support from the Higher Education Outreach Network (HEON).

A range of live music was provided by the College’s own Music students, as well as local musician Prazal Gurung who played a variety of both Nepali and western music.

Guests were entertained by traditional Nepali dancing too, with organiser Mamata Yaka returning to the stage followed by dancers Bipana Rai, Punam Gurung, and Sonika Gurung.

Student Ambassador Durga Thegim also presented some of his fascinating photography projects, which touch upon identity issues around being a first-generation immigrant.

Prazal Gurung performs for the audience

For some guests, this was their first visit to an educational institution in the UK, making the event all the more significant. To make sure guests knew what educational opportunities are available to them, Anusha Gurung from the Citizens Advice Bureau translated some of the College’s key information around English courses, degrees, evening courses and more.

Mamata Yaka was involved in both the organisation of the event and performing for it

With such a busy evening, guests were pleased to see a buffet of food provided by Ozone Restaurant in Aldershot.

Also in attendance was President of the Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community (GNRC) Man Gurung with adviser Shanta Gurung, former President Rohit Gurung, and Nem Thapa.

Photography student Durga Thegim introduced his art while also co-organising the event

Principal CEO Virginia Barrett said “It was such a pleasure to re-introduce members of our community back into the College following lockdowns. My sincere thanks to Mamata and Durga – our students who organised the event – and everyone who took part in making it such a joy to attend for our guests.”

Councillor Nem Thapa said “It was indeed a fantastic event to attend, the College has changed not just in terms of greater diversity among its students, but the new standards of the College have helped it to gain more popularity.”

Councillor Thapa with Vice Principal Larry Magee

For those interested in studying a course at the College, applications are still open to join this September for all ages. Visit the College’s website at www.farn-ct.ac.uk to browse course options and make an application.

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