Former Music Students Take the Industry by Storm

Familiar faces returned to the College this December to share industry insight with students. Former music students, Tom Puttick and Jack Le Breton, delivered an inspirational talk to current students based on their recent experiences and successes.

Tom and Jack completed Level 3 Music and Music Technology with us before going on to study at university. Tom now runs an audio post-production studio and Jack is a freelance composer. Both former students have been involved in a number of projects and ventures, most recently the music production for the newly released computer game “Two Point Hospital”. Within their talk, Tom and Jack used their experiences to provide a valuable insight into the industry for current students.

Left to Right – Phil French, Music Lecturer Alan Horner, Tom Puttick, Jack Le Breton, Programme Manager in Performing Arts and Music Tim Hensler

After completing his course with us, Tom went on to study Creative Sound Design and Composition at university. He told us:

“I learned the basics of everything I do today on the music course. I didn’t know that at the time, but everything from the performance modules to the more technical ones are all skills I use on a day to day basis.”

“I now run a small studio, “Cedar Studios“, with Phil French, and have composed and created sound design for a few video games.”

Jack went on to study Music Industry Studies, specialising in contemporary music production at university. He told us:

“The course at Farnborough College of Technology looked at many aspects of the music industry, not just studio production work. It’s been my ambition for several years to pursue a career as a composer, particularly for video games.” 

“During my first term at university, I got in touch with a new computer games company, Two Point Studios. They listened to some of my pieces and invited me in to have a look around. They also put me through a mock interview process so I would know what to expect when I left university. I and my music impressed them enough that after the mock interview they gave me the opportunity to contribute some pieces for the game’s soundtrack.”

“In August 2018 the game Two Point Hospital was released, and went straight to number 1 in the PC games charts. Since then I have composed the entire soundtrack for another PC game, HartaconTactics, which will be out in 2019.”

We asked Tom and Jack what their advice would be for current and future music students with us. Tom commented: “If making the choice to go study something you love at Uni seems overwhelming, or studying something creative in general seems like it’s leading to a dead end, that’s how I reckon everyone feels. Don’t be the percentage that gives up!”

Jack commented: “For current and future students, the best advice I can give them is to grab every opportunity they can, even the ones that don’t pay or seem pointless, as you never know where they will lead.”

“Network to build contacts. Always be professional in your approach to work. Build a portfolio of work and promote on various platforms. Music is a tough industry to break into but see that as a challenge not as a brick wall.”

The talk was also open to student on our Games Development course, who had the opportunity to ask questions about the relationship between game development and the audio production involved.

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