HCC’s Survey on Health and Wellbeing of Young People 2023

Dear Parent/Carer,

Survey on Health and Wellbeing of Young People 2023

The college, sixth form or training provider your child attends has agreed to support Hampshire County Council to undertake a health and wellbeing survey of post-16 learners across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Topics include emotional wellbeing, safety, and healthy eating.

Why are we doing the survey?
Public Health and Children’s Services will use the results to inform how young people’s health and wellbeing can be supported in Hampshire and Isle of Wight education and training settings. This will help colleges, sixth forms, and training providers meet the needs of their learners to be healthy, happy and ready to learn.

How will the survey be done?
Learners will be emailed a link to the survey. It will take each learner 20-25 minutes and will take place during this term.

How will the data be used?
The findings will inform our future prevention programme for young people around health and wellbeing. Individual settings will receive a confidential summary report. Hampshire County Council may also provide support or guidance to schools if required. The reports are confidential to the setting and will not be shared with other organisations. All data will remain in the UK. For more information about how we look after data search ‘Hampshire Public Health Privacy Notice’ online.

Will the information be anonymous?
The survey will be completed anonymously; no young people will be identified. All results will be given in an aggregated report. Learners will be given information about the survey before it begins and will be asked to confirm if they are happy to take part. They will be told they do not have to complete the survey if they do not agree. Learners can stop taking part at any point during the survey if they do not want to continue, and do not have to answer every question.

How long will we hold the data?
We will keep the data for a maximum of 36 months, in order to carry out data analysis and comparisons with previous surveys.

I don’t want my child to take part – what do I do?
If you decide you do not wish your child to take part in the survey, then simply ask your child to not complete the survey emailed to them.

Kind Regards,

Public Health Team, Hampshire County Council and Isle of Wight Council

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