Launch by ‘Step by Step’

Step by Step have a new advice and guidance service which is now open for referrals.

Launch is an open-access, free-of-charge service offering information, advice and practical support on a range of issues affecting young people. You can refer a young person to Launch yourself or ask them to self-refer.

Who is eligible for support?

Any young person aged 11-25 living in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex, Dorset, Swindon and Wiltshire. Launch offers in-person or remote appointments depending on the young person’s location. They are there to listen, offer guidance and provide practical support on a range of issues.

What does Launch provide support with?

The Launch team is comprised of professional support workers who not only offer advice, but can also provide practical support. Issues covered include:

  • Housing options and advice  Sexual health
  • Drugs and alcohol recovery
  • Emotional wellbeing support
  • Getting into work or education
  • Access to shower and food parcels
  • Computer/Internet access
  • Applying for benefits

Launch is a new service from youth charity Step by Step, which supports over 1,500 young people each year. Launch can therefore refer young people to other Step by Step services, including Accommodation and Counselling.

How to get in touch

Email: launch@stepbystep.org.uk

Phone: 01252 346105

Web: www.stepbystep.org.uk/launch

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