New Directions – free support for women aged 18-30 looking for careers advice

What – Build a better future by joining New Directions project with 1:1 employability support and advice, self-employment guidance, events to build your confidence and skills and access to a state-of-the-art Bodyswaps Virtual Reality platform to improve communication skills, learn to work with others and lead.

Where – New Directions Enterprise Hub: Aldershot Enterprise Centre, Office 26, Every Thursday 10.00-14.00, coffee, tea, and lunch are provided.

Who – Young women, 18-30 years old from Aldershot and surroundings. Support is for young women who haven’t found their direction in life yet and are unsure what to do find a job, develop a career and simply succeed in life. They can help you overcome barriers to realise your potential.

They know everyone is different, and that is why they give individual support. They are there for people, whether they need 3 weeks of support and guidance for 3 months.

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