Apprenticeship Digital Accounts

Find out more about Apprenticeship Digital Accounts and the Apprenticeship Levy.

Find out more about Apprenticeship Digital Accounts and the Apprenticeship Levy.

Digital accounts

You will need to set up a digital account on the apprenticeship service to access funds to pay for apprenticeship training. The following links will help you with this but please contact us on business@farn-ct.ac.uk or 01252 407299 if you would like any further assistance.

Supporting employers who are new to the apprenticeship service

From 1st April 2021 all new apprenticeships will be managed and funded using the apprenticeship service. All employers hiring apprentices will need to have an apprenticeship service account in order to access funding.  As trusted advisors to employers, training providers have an important role to play in helping those employers who are new to the apprenticeship service.

There are a number of ways you can remind employers to take action, or, with permission, manage actions on their behalf. We recently outlined these touchpoints as part of a webinar for colleges. The explanation is relevant to all training providers. Watch our recording to help you plan how best to onboard new employers. 

There are additional resources available to support you and employers: 

  • Our YouTube playlist ‘Using the apprenticeship service’ is a collection of simple, how-to videos. You might want to start with ‘Training providers: apprenticeship service user journey’, which uses a demo to explain how to guide employers through the apprenticeship service. 
  • apprenticeships.gov.uk contains all the answers to questions frequently asked by potential apprentices and employers. The employer zone is also a useful tool for training providers. It features simple explanations which you can use to support employers. 
  • Our help articles provide straightforward advice on how to use the apprenticeship service. They’re great to share with employers and can help you to navigate any known issues too.  
  • Our webinar playlist on YouTube is home to a series of deep-dive sessions covering topics from funding rules to end-point assessments. 

Useful links:

Creating an employer account on the digital account:


Creating an employer account on the digital account:


Adding an apprenticeship to a digital account:


What is an Apprenticeship Levy?

The apprenticeship levy requires all employers operating in the UK, with a pay bill over £3 million each year, to make an investment in apprenticeships through a digital account (apprenticeship service). As an Employer, you can benefit from this investment by training apprentices for your business or to transfer funds to other employers, through the apprenticeship service.

Transfers can be made to any employer, including smaller employers in your supply chain, and apprenticeship training agencies. You will be able to transfer up to 25% of the annual value of funds entering your apprenticeship service account.
If you use all of the funds in your account, the government will contribute 95% and you will contribute 5% of any amount that exceeds your funds. For further information, please check the government page Transferring unused apprenticeship funds to other employers – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
Our team can advise you on how to utilize your levy in either upskilling existing workforce or training new apprentices into the business.

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